Music for Media

Charlotte has written and produced music for a wide variety of clients, agencies and media channels including Sky Box Sets, Gumtree UK,, Benefit Cosmetics UK, Playstation UK, Radley, Adobe, BBC, Discovery Music Source, 1000heads and Cavendish Production Music.


‘The Journey’ Client: Music Production Company: The Soundworks Agency: St Luke’s


‘Piano’ Client: Gumtree UK Music Production Company: GOLDSTEIN Agency: Fold7 Director: Arni Thor Jonsson


‘Idris Made Me Do It’ Client: Sky UK Music Production Company: Goldstein Agency: Brothers & Sisters Director: Vaughan Arnell (Moxie Pictures)


#KingofConvenience Client: Playstation UK Agency: 1000heads

#RadleysLittleHelpers Client: Radley Agency: 1000heads


Charlotte’s music can currently be heard on the BBC/Oxford Scientific Series ‘Ingenious Animals’ currently on BBC1, Thursdays at 8pm.


Charlotte has written production music for several companies including Delicious Digital, Imagem/Cavendish Music, Bibliotheque Music Library and ClearWave Music.

Kicker: Written for Cavendish Music as part of their ‘Rhythm Sticks’ album, featuring Box 9 Drumline.

Right Results: Written for Discovery’s Music Source at Delicious Digital 2013

Eyries Jungle Mix: Written for Discovery’s ‘Big World’ collection at Delicious Digital 2014